Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spruce Meadows

This photo is at Spruce meadows. Spruce meadows is cool because it has heaps of horses and shows and stuff. They also have big worldwide contests because they are very famous and is one of the biggest horse places in the world. Anyway when we went to it they were having a big show jumping contest so we went for that. I got heaps of free stuff because they were throwing toy horses out to the crowd. They have really cool stuff there, I got a bird whistle you fill it up with water and you blow and it makes a bird noise! Conor got a hat that had the Canadian flag on it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Heritage park

Hello sorry I have not been writing on here I have to fit things in between school, church, meeting with the family and other things. Yes I have started school here it is fun it is called Rosedale school. At school I am doing rights and freedoms.
Our family have gotten memberships to heritage park and the zoo. the picture above is me eating the giant lollipop I got at heritage park I got a black tongue. At heritage park they also have old houses and schools! I got to go to the school and write on the board and they had straps and whips too! I feel so sorry for the kids that lived back then it must have been painful. They also have rides there it is weird you can go on the merry go round I called one horse cow butt because it had a spotty behind.
that is all for now!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ok first of all i'm really bad at this I am so busy I can't find the time to write. Now I will write about what I have been doing. So we went to the lake where my nannie lives and swam in the lake it is so cool because fish come and brush against you they are icky. Also there are leeches and maggie got one stuck to her toenail. Also Catherine (my cousin) found a garder snake it was AWESOME it was cut because a cat attacked it, we called it lucky. that is all i have for today

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

160 and I'm not speeding

Yes, 160 and we are not speeding. In fact we are not even close to speeding. This is in Germany on the autobahn were you can go as fast as you like. Mum was really freaked out. It was fun but lots of people were going over 200.

endinburgh castle (super late verison)

Arrrgh!!!! When I said I will post them as soon as I could I didn't mean like a month arrrgh!!!!! Any way here are some photos.so sorry I cant write lots I am not getting the chance very often.